Trade the shares of the best private companies


Leveraging Blockchain technology to tokenize assets, making capital raising or investing easy, with fiat and crypto.

The Mechanics

How does Sharevest work?

Investors require a place where they can study growth companies and invest instantly, Sharevest is that place.

Our Platform

What is Sharevest?

Our platform allows growth companies to manage multiple investment rounds, while investors are able to discover, and invest in businesses.

The Sharevest blockchain means we can execute the transfer of shares in real time and automate the processing of fully compliant documents.

Our equity-backed tokens and electronic share certificates, makes the transfer of shares between two parties, swift, transparent and trustful.

Our Blockchain Technology


Our digital asset platform maximises blockchain to replace the complex intermediaries which dominate the securities marketplace.

Share register viewing, shareholder management, reporting and more can be done in real time due to our tokenized system.

In essence, share register digitisation empowers companies to capitalise their unlisted stocks and stakeholder management potential.

Our Solution

Why you need Sharevest?

Our goal at Sharevest is to develop a financial ecosystem which will support companies through all stages of their life cycle.

We have combined tokenized equity and an electronic share certificate system which will simplify the transfer of shares.

Our primary and secondary markets are blockchain friendly which will reduce the legal paperwork and costs when raising capital.

 Decentralised API

Our Blockchain API

Authenticated partners will be able to purchase, process transactions and move assets with our cross-chain and cross-organisation solution.

We provide businesses with up-to-date and accurate data including shareholders information, company financials and company valuation.

We enable businesses to have programmatic access to Sharevest’s comprehensive and live data feed, empowering other companies.


Individuals use Finture to securitize crypto and tokenized assets for liquidity

Individuals use Qarrot for intelligent investing to achieve their financials goals

Sharevest uses Duedil for KYC, CDD and insightful Company Data


Follow Our Journey



The Sharevest concept is created after strategic blockchain meeting with C-level executives at Credit Suisse.

Company Founded

Be part of establishing

An Investment Exchange for the World

Sharevest will remove the need for crowdfunding and peer to peer platforms. Our platform will facilitate every phase of making an investment decision from financial analysis and communication to the buying/selling of private equity.


Growth companies Sharevest expects to have registered in the next 2 to 3 years.


Social investors interacting the next 2 to 3 years.


To be raised by companies using our exchange over the next 3 to 5 years

SVX Token Price


Token Allocations

60% Token Sales

20% Early Investors

10% Team

5% Referral Incentive

3% Bounties Program

2% Legal and Advisory

Total SVX Coins


Planned use of proceeds

20% Engineering and Development

20% Investment Opportunities

20% Operational Expenses

20% Marketing & Sales

10% Partner Engagement

10% Legal & Regulation

Expert research was conducted to validate and refine the concept into a viable business model

Early Concept



Finance and blockchain experts added to the team

Team Assembled





Partnerships with leading industry providers in the finance, corporate law and auditing agreed in principle

Partnerships confirmed



Development on the MVP begins. Design of the architecture and creation of the wireframes begin

Development Begins

First draft of the ICO website and drafting the Whitepaper begins

Working towards ICO



Alpha version of Sharevest is complete and marking for the ICO begins

Alpha Completed



Website, Whitepaper and Beta uploaded to the website

ICO Preparation complete



Option to use Ethereum and Bitcoin

Sharevest ICO begins



The SVX community have a chance to see the product, test, suggest new features or amendments

Sharevest ready to launch



Sharevest 1.0 is released. Revenue making growth companies join

Sharevest is live



Startups are able to join Sharevest

Startups can join



SVX tokens can be used to own upto 20% share of Sharevest

Sharevest convertible token exchange



Development Team

Gareth Christodoulou


Frontend Develeoper

Frontend developer and designer with over 8 years experience with WordPress, PHP, React and more. Skilled with the Adobe suite and adept in best practice for designs.

Harpeet S Chawla


Advisor, Senior Backend Developer

13 years of experience with enterprises as an expert database developer. MBA Degrees from Cranfield School of Management, UK, and E.M. Lyon Business School France.

Chike Chiejine


Full Stack Developer

Owner of development company Color and Space, Chike has developed website and mobile applications for a variety of SMEs and celebrities. His focus is on beautiful but simple visuals.

Raman Lakhanpal


Front End Developer

Raman is a Wordpress and PHP Developer, with 10 years experience as the founder of Royalscrown Tech Ltd . He is a Distributed Ledger Technology innovator and enthusiast. 

Meet the people behind the machine

Executive Team

Caleb Barnes-Christian


CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur, early Ripple investor, pioneer of convertible tokens with a strong track record of leading both local and global projects for the government of the United Kingdom.

Dr. James Whyte


Chief Economic Strategist

Dr Jamie Whyte is Director of Research at the Institute of Economic Affairs. In 2014 he was leader of the ACT Party of New Zealand, he is a economic strategist and philosophy lecturer.

Michael Christensen


Advisor, CTO

C-level executive excelling in technology solutions and business development. Finalist for the the best entrepreneur in Denmark 2008. Brings the experience for sustainable growth.

Leonardo Fabbri


Securities Analyst

Mathematician and Finance professional with more than 5 years of relationship within the services. Currently working at Goldman Sachs as a securities analyst.

James MacIntyre


Advisor, Investments and Risk

Lead manager at Legal and General on multiple Institutional UK Credit portfolios Co-manager of L&G Fixed Interest Trust and L&G Managed Monthly Income Trust.

Matthew Richards


Advisor, Investment Analyst

Investment Analyst with 7 years experience, curated research and investment content for retail audiences and supported the management of the investment assets for HSBC bank.

Investment Analysts

Daniel Afan Jones


Advisor, Financial Markets

Highly experienced investment banker with both Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg for 7 years. His focus is on capital markets, market liquidity and wealth management.

Alexander Hein


Advisor, Senior Associate Consultant

Strategist consultant to one of Germany’s largest banks. As an growth expert he designs growth strategies for the retail sector and how to utilise future technology to the board

Adam Sosnowski


Financial Analyst

Finance and investment prodigy who worked at boutique funds Credit Value Investments and Copper Street Capital. Began working at Goldman Sachs in the second quarter of 2018.

Legal & Compliance

Aaron Goddard


Advisor, Regulation & Compliance

Compliance Manager with 5 years of experience working with C-level executives in the financial industry assisting companies to acquire the necessary legal and regulatory certifications.

Emily Coles



Compliance expert specializing in the MiFID II framework and its provisions. Her experience has enable her to navigate, understand and resolve legal nuances speedily.

Jemes Rasa



Jemes is a finance expert and accountant with Fintech experience at Sharevest and in the transport industry with Arriva, one of the largest providers of passenger transport in Europe.

Fiat, Blockchain & Crypto Experts

Benedikt Notheisen


Blockchain and Securities Expert

An adept researcher in Financial Market Innovation in Blockchain Technology, at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He also works with the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.

Tobi Arayomi


Currency Trading Analyst

Founder of the fund Basilica Invest, Tobi is a FOREX trader with 10 years of experience. He also teaches people, through Wealth Mentor how to trade the foreign exchange market.

Partnerships & Business Development

Nicholas Thomas


Corporate Social Responsibility

Nicholas is sales and partnerships professional with over 4 years of experience in the industry. He excels in relationships building with companies and executing deals.

Gill Wadsworth


Advisor, Business and Finance 

Gill is a financial journalist with nearly 20 years’ experience. A former editor on several FT publications, Gill now freelances writing for with Blue Chip clients and pension funds.

Saeed Al Azemi


Investment Director (Middle East & North Africa - EMPEA)

An investment manager based in Kuwait, Saeed has been involved 10 acquisitions. He advises the Kuwaiti government and holds relationships with High Networth Individuals.

Adedotun Adesina


Business Analyst

A business analyst who learnt her trade at Accenture, excels at transforming emerging technology into real value, rapidly ideating innovations and prototyping them into solutions.

Campbell Gregory


Partnerships and Corporate

A crypto-investor and enthusiast. He has built relationships with technology hardware and software companies; focused on financial services. He also has a background in marketing.

Marketing & PR

Michael Robinson


Advisor, Marketing & PR

Innovative digital marketing manager with a 7-year track record in the industry. Michael is a proven ICO marketing strategist who has worked for both established and start-up companies.

Ash Stephenson


Community Manager

Ash is a community manager who utilizes his bubbly personality and project management skills to curate exceptional leaders and communities, proven at London Leadership College.

Anisha Vasudevan


Marketing & PR

A digital marketing, lead generation and campaigns professional who has a rich history working and delivering in the finance, compliance and the telecommunications industry.

Daniel Penuela


Graphics and Video Marketing

A visual expert who excels in color coordination, animation and UX/UI. Daniel has worked with numerous ICOs building their branding and coordinating their campaigns.




One Pager


Tokensale Agreement


Privacy Policy


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Copyright © 2018 Sharvest

Hadrien Forterre



Corporate lawyer with a focus on investment funds. Has advised listed and unlisted funds investing in real estate, credit and private equity, and advising asset management houses.

Join the SVX Board

Sharevest thrives on community participation and feedback. We have created two boards which will provide closer community, transparency and allow our contributors to remain informed.

 Sharevest Community

Radchuk Oleksandr


Blockchain Lead

Olexander is a Mathematician and blockchain expert. He lectured Mathematics for 8 years at Ukriane's National University. For the past 3 years Olex, has focused on Blockchain products.

During our Crowdsales the first 100 contributors over 3 ETH will join the Founding Sharevest Club. These individuals will receive an exclusive invitation to our Discord community.

They will be invited to quarterly livestreams, have direct contact with the Sharevest team and receive exclusive Sharevest merchandise.

Founding Sharevest Club

The first 100 people who contribute above $5,000 will hold seats on the SVX board, have voting rights and receive additional benefits from Sharevest.

Each person will receive a personal call from the CEO, be invited to a monthly livestream, obtain detailed progress updates and participate in live Q&A sessions.

Executive SVX Board

The Sharevest Securitized Token Protocol

The Sharevest Protocol enables companies to migrate private backed shares into tokenized assets.

Investment Funds can create a bespoke Exchange for their investments

Companies can create Asset-Backed Tokens 

Investors can own and trade their digital shares on the Sharevest Platform. 

Our end to end solution replaces paper certificates and archaic methods to increase scale, save costings and improve liquidity.

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